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What’s For Dinner? The 11/7/11 Edition November 7, 2011

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I usually do meatless Mondays, but because of the mix-up from last night, we had meatless Sunday and today are having steak. Just about everything has already been done! The potatoes were finished last night, the steak started marinating earlier, and the green beans just go in the microwave so I decided to make some delicious butterhorns.  I skipped the chocolate so they are more like Pillsbury Crescent rolls than anything. YUM!

For desert we’re going to finish off some of the Amish Friendship Bread I made from my mad baking session. Most of it froze, but some stuck around for ‘quality testing.’

What are you having for dinner?


One Response to “What’s For Dinner? The 11/7/11 Edition”

  1. […] I mixed broccoli with my leftover cheesy potatoes from last night.  We also had barbecue chicken sandwiches  that I pulled from the freezer.  I used this recipe […]

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