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What’s For Dinner? The 11/12/11 Edition November 12, 2011

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Tonight is a night of leftovers.  Spaghetti in fact. Last night I threw stew in the crockpot and we had that for lunch. I used this stew recipe as my inspiration. I didn’t have stew meat, so I used round steak, and I added acorn squash and celeriac.  It was pretty delicious! Would have had it for dinner, but twice in one day is a little much.

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

So, what are you having for dinner?


One Response to “What’s For Dinner? The 11/12/11 Edition”

  1. […] are too much for us in a sitting. Most, but not all (ahem, pizza). So, we had a smorgasboard of stew, beans & rice, and meatloaf with cheesy broccoli & […]

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