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What’s For Dinner? The 11/17/11 Edition November 17, 2011

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I must be going through a phase. Lunch was much more glamorous than dinner! For dinner we had what we affectionately call chicken & potato product. This generally means, but is not limited too, Tyson Chicken Breast tenders and tater tots.
To class it up, we add a little Lowry’s Seasoning Salt to the tater tots, but in the end it’s still a potato product.
Lunch, however, was homemade roasted tomato soup! It was bright and flavorful; it tasted like a little bit of summer in a bowl. Yes, sounds cheesy, but it’s true. And to class that up, I added goldfish. Yes, goldfish. I realized we had no crackers, no rolls, and no cheese that would dignify making a grilled cheese sandwich to go with this little bit of deliciousness. So, goldfish it was. But, it was good!


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