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Freezer Cooking: Breakfasts November 21, 2011

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I think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Eggs, bacon, ham, pancakes, the list just gets longer.  The problem is, in the morning I’m not so motivated. And it’s hard getting 2 kids and one adult ready to do anything so my default is peanut butter toast. I could eat peanut butter toast every day, but I don’t know that it’s a great example for the babes. So, the Hubs and I decided we were going to stock our freezer with waffles and ham & egg sandwiches. Oh, boy!


Doesn’t that stack look delicious?

Next, the sandwiches. I had thinly sliced some ham from last night’s dinner in anticipation for these. I used this recipe from Macheesmo for inspiration.

First, I got the eggs together. A whole dozen!

Farm Fresh Eggs

These literally came from the chicken today. I mean farm. Well, both 🙂 I love using fresh eggs!

I added some milk, scrambled the eggs, and put the eggs in a 350′ oven for 25 minutes. I tried doing the muffin tins like the original recipe, but the tins were so hard to clean afterwards no matter how hard I scrubbed! So here they are in a 9×13 pan.

These eggs are cooked!

This was a lot easier than the muffin tins, but all the egg was square instead of round. Since I’m pretty particular, so I’ll probably go back to muffin tins. Weird, I know.

While they were cooking, I toasted my the english muffins for 15 minutes.

English Muffins

I also used sliced cheese since I thought that would be easier.


Get in my belly!









After we tasted them, we did a quick freeze on a baking sheet for 1 hour. Then, wrapped them individually in wax paper and then put as many in freezer bags as would fit.

packed and ready to go

Between this and what we already have in the freezer, we should be set on breakfasts for a while! Should. Unless we start eating brinner (breakfast+dinner).


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