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Red Sauce November 22, 2011

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I am so excited to share that I *finally* made the red sauce I’ve been talking about. And boy, is it great! I used the recipe from Life As Mom for inspiration because I’ve used her recipes before and like them a lot. I did make a few changes though.

First, I don’t have a large crockpot, so I used a roaster. A bit of overkill, I know, but it worked!

Secondly, I didn’t have 10lbs of crushed tomatoes. What I did have, was 5 quart jars with garden fresh tomatoes canned in them, and two bags of garden fresh, frozen tomatoes. I made sure to drain all of the tomato juice because I don’t like watery sauce.

tomato juice

Thirsty? I froze this to use for soup later.

Here are a few action shots of me adding the spices.



I used minced garlic from a jar instead of garlic powder. I also added extra garlic. I like garlic. Keeps me healthy and keeps away the vampires. Wisconsin is full of vampires!

Then, we let it cook all night long. And in the morning, it was like this.

Red Sauce!

A lot of the tomato chunks cooked down, but I did blend it to get the rest of them. Hubs doesn’t like chunky sauce.

bye-bye sauce

At least that’s what E said when we took the sauce down to the freezer. Here the bags are in 2 1/2C bags. We had the sauce for lunch over some leftover pasta and it was delicious! So fresh tasting. We’ll definitely make this again. If the basil from my garden turns out next time, maybe that will be fresh, too!


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