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Thanksgiving November 25, 2011

Filed under: random musings — thecatatemyplant @ 11:13 pm

I can imagine the blogging world was exploding with words of thanks yesterday. I know that a lot of the blogs I subscribe to started the day off with a word of thanks. Certainly not a bad thing, just not how I roll. I tried doing the 30 days of giving thanks deal but failed. I think I only made it to November 3rd! I guess I had trouble with it mostly because I’m more the type to say, “Thanks” as I go along.

For instance, on the third my little E had an ear infection.  I thought they were bad enough when he was little but to hear my two-year-old tell me his ear is ‘ouchies’ just broke my heart! That day, I was thankful for children’s acetaminophen and amoxicillin. I said thanks to my God and cuddled with my babies.

That’s not to say either way is right or wrong. I think it’s more to say that I just am not that type of person and once I stop trying another way and do what works for me, things will go smoother.


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