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The Day After November 25, 2011

It is the day after Thanksgiving. This is the first time in maybe five years that I didn’t go Black Friday shopping. With trying to get out of debt and promising to watch my friend’s one-year-old, I was not in the mood.

We still scoured all of the ads and tortured ourselves with all the things we wanted to buy. An immersion blender and food processor would make my cooking adventures so much easier! And new pillows… Have I mentioned I have a thing about buying new sheets? I like to get new sheets. And cream sweaters. I have about five cream sweaters (that’s just the non-maternity wardrobe).

I don’t get it either.

Back to today…

So last night after dinner I threw the turkey carcass in a pot and started on stock. I am in love with homemade stock! I first tried making stock a few months ago and it was wonderful. I didn’t use it in soups, but definitely in cooking and I truly felt like there was a difference in flavor.

I ran out of stock a few weeks ago but didn’t want to get a bird just for stock purposes, knowing Thanksgiving was just around the corner. And yes, I do have three turkey/chicken carcasses in my freezer that I could have used, but that’s just too logical.

It took me a while to settle on a stock recipe, but I found this one from Kitchen Stewardship and I really like it! It’s easy, and I can start it at night so all the ‘hard’ work is done while the kiddos are in bed. I don’t remember reading this on her site, but I do end up adding a lot of extra water. By the morning when I wake up, it’s boiled down pretty low. I’d guess that I add an extra three quarts of water throughout the cooking process. Just a guess!

Do you make your own stock? And if so, how? I’m always looking for new ideas!!!



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