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What’s For Dinner? The 11/25/11 Edition November 25, 2011

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Hey all! So I took a few days off of blogging. A couple of reasons: we didn’t eat anything good, and I was cooking a Thanksgiving turkey!

So, tonight we had pizza again. Just your typical pepperoni on one side and green olives on the other. We eat that variety a lot. I think it’s time to switch it up!

I was trying to dream up a cool and delicious way to make a Thanksgiving leftovers pizza. I have no idea how to do that without it being a carb/starch overload. I can do parts, but not the whole thing. Maybe gravy as the sauce, turkey and green bean casserole on dough? That just seems so heavy!

I did wonder how good turkey, spinach, garlic, and bacon would be on a pizza. No red sauce, just olive oil and some fresh mozzarella. That sounds good! Maybe next week. We’ll have to see how adventurous I am.


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