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Magic! December 9, 2011

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Today was a magical day. We met a friend for caffeine and play time at the local mall. There is a play center where toddlers and other small children can go crazy and burn off wintertime energy before nap time. A germ corral, my friend recently called it. She’s not wrong.

But, it was one of those days that just didn’t go right. I made the oh so common mistake of thinking this morning was the morning I’d get up early to pack diaper bags and snacks so I didn’t do that last night. I also didn’t wake up early. I did leave on time, early actually, but that is odd. Then, during the 45 minute drive E started asking for french fries. And no matter what I offered (fruit, crackers, olives, peanut butter sandwich, water) nothing would suffice. It was OK though, I went through the drive-through and got him a hashbrown (it was too early for french fries) and I got the largest Diet Coke offered.

Then, when we got there, I left the soda on the top of my car.  No biggie. E had fun playing in the play room and C and I hung out with our ‘new friends’ as E calls them. All is well. We eat the lunch I packed on the way home, talk and sing (he’s so CUTE!) and then get home. But lo and behold, E doesn’t want to sleep. Well, I have a rule. You may not want to sleep, but you need to have some quiet time in your bedroom. We all need quiet time for our sanity.

While E was ‘being quiet,’ I was getting C ready to go down for her nap. She was unusually smiley and talkative so we had a good chat and then, all of a sudden, she laughed. It was magical. I know around three months babies become totally different, but still. It’s so wonderful to experience!

Overall and ordinary day turned extraordinary! From singing with E to laughing with C, the day can’t get much better, can it?


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