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Work It, Girl! August 22, 2012

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Is it girl or gurl in the blogging world? Maybe grl? I have so much to learn!

During my WW journey, I’ve decided I must exercise. Must. When I achieved my goals through WW eleven years ago, I rarely exercised. At least nothing intentional. I walked to and from classes, etc. but does that really count? I would have been doing that anyways. This time around, I’m doing it right. Well, right enough.

So, I started out walking. Walking because that was cheapest, easiest, and I had all the stuff to accomplish it. Then, one day I decided to go for a bike ride. I had already walked for the day. What?! you’re asking. Am I now an overachiever? Well, usually, yes. But, it just seemed like something I should try. We have these great trails around our house that work well for both activities…why not?

And that started working out *twice* a day! I don’t do that often (it’s just too hard to squeeze in with two kids) but sometimes it happens. I never would have imagined that! Then, I started talking to my friend about running. She was training for a half marathon at the time. Running? you might ask. Well, I ran in high school so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities for me, it’s just not usual. But one day, I did it. Not a lot, but enough to be winded.

And, it’s pretty much devolved from there! ha ha I’m still working on running, using the Couch to 5k program. I do yoga at least once a week with the kids at a local studio. And suddenly I want to try Zumba. Have any of you done that? I’m intrigued! I love dancing, but am terrible at it so we’ll see, I guess! Apparently, I like variety.

I’m hoping this isn’t a phase. I know it is sustainable over the long term if I continue to make it a priority. What about you? How do you move?


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