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Welcome back! July 31, 2012

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That’s actually to me, you all have been here the whole time! My last post was in February, and I had very good intentions about resuming daily posts and working on some blog series I had thought about. That has all flown out the window! Let me recap the last 6 months or so with you.

December 2011: After deciding to sell our home, we had to get ready! The house had been in varying states of ‘projects’ for the four years we lived there so we not only had to finish those up, but do some extra stuff recommended by our realtor.

January 2012: Things seem to be clipping along except for the fact that only one of us can work at night because our darling daughter C doesn’t like to sleep. Such is life! It’s almost February, and we have a small (read: Giant) bomb hit us. Hubs was told he had to start pulling 60 hour work weeks or get fired. Uh oh!

February 2012: Hubs is down to working on the house one day a week since he goes back to work after E & C go to bed. I try to get as much done as possible because we are listing in March!

March 2012: We listed about 1 week after our goal, but it got done. I’m still not entirely sure how, but it got done. In two weeks we had 11 showings and even more interest.

April 2012: We have an offer! A real-deal offer! On the first, but it wasn’t April Fools. Only problem, they want us to close in 30 days. Um, OK? So, in April we sell our house, find a rental, move to said rental, and two weeks before closing find out the bank is requiring more work on the house. My girlfriend and I end up moving our entire household while Hubs and her husband do said work. On the same weekend. It was madness!

I’m so thankful it’s over now. We love our new place and I can start focusing on some of the more exciting things in my life. Like the blog! Gardening! Food! We’re even going to be trying out some crafts and preschool type things. Oh, boy.