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What’s For Dinner? The 11/16/11 Edition November 16, 2011

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I’m scrounging out of the freezer again tonight. I’ve been staying up way too late and it’s starting to show. Last night I went to bed ‘early’ at 1:30 a.m. Today I took a nap while the kids napped. It was the first time in 2 months. Oh well!

The Hubs loves this dish. Hot Beef (as he calls it) over buttered noodles with my personal favorite, green beans! I might add some corn too.

Hot Beef & Pasta

Seems a little light on vegetables without something else.  The beef is super easy and versatile which is probably why I like it so much. You simply take a roast of some kind (I use whatever is first in the freezer), cube it up and put it in a crockpot. I then add 1 can cream of mushroom Soup and 1 can french onion soup. If you are using a smaller roast, maybe 2-4lbs, use just a half of a can of each soup and save the rest for something else. Let it sit all day on low, and eventually the cubes will fall apart and be delicious! You can serve this in buns like my mother-in-law, or over rice, potatoes, or noodles as I tend to do. I mean shoot, I don’t even have to prepare a sauce!

This is a pretty rich dish and freezes great, so I package about 3C in a freezer bag and wait for a lazy day. Or, less productive day.

For desert, we are going to have Girl Scout Cookies! Oh, I can’t wait. Trefoils (or shortbread to some of you) with Nutella on top. Yum, Yum, YUM!

What are you having for dinner?


Edited to add: The Girl Scout Cookies & Nutella were FANTASTIC!